BG Green Cleaning Services

BG Cleaning Systems maintains the standards of its green cleaning services by offering simple and flexible service solutions. BG Cleaning Systems adapts its cleaning solutions to the need of each client.

BG Cleaning Systems is always developing and improving its cleaning methods. This is also done with the aim to improve our professional cleaning staff's performance and their work environment. In doing so, we encourage the use of green cleaning methods and promote its positive effect on the environment and on health in general.

The Green Cleaning Services available from BG Cleaning Systems are the following:

  • Green Facility Management

  • Janitorial Services

    • Daily cleaning
    • Regular cleaning.
    • Other cleaning services.
  • Special cleaning

    • Window washing
    • Seasonal cleaning
    • Spring cleaning
    • Holiday cleaning
  • Green Hard Floor Care

    • Marble and Granite floor care
    • Carpet Cleaning Service
    • Floor waxing and polishing

BG Cleaning Systems also promotes the use of recycled hand tissues/towel, the no-touch toiletry supply dispensing systems (e.g.: hand blower-dryer, automatic handtowel dispensers with sensors, automatic hand soap dispenser, and the like), recycled toilet paper and other recycled/recyclable and biodegradable toiletry and cleaning supplies.

BG Cleaning Systems is your ideal Eco-Partner.