What is BG Green

BG Green is the Green Cleaning Program of BG Cleaning Systems.

It presents companies and institutions the option to participate in minimizing negative environmental and health effects at their respective facilities by employing the use of the BG Green Cleaning Program in their businesses.

People are becoming more concerned about the health of the environment, including the workplace environment.

BG Cleaning Systems Green Cleaning Program provides you the following key benefits:

  1. Quality of cleaning is guaranteed by regular training and education of employees.
  2. Almost all detergents are enviromentally friendly. Chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to human health are minimized. BG Green uses biodegradable cleaning products and chemicals as much as possible.
  3. The wastage of cleaning chemicals is minimized with right dosing by using a portion control system.
  4. The spread of particles and chemicals in the air is minimized.
  5. Dirt and pollutants are minimized by controlling their introduction into the client's facility.
  6. Emphasis is placed on minimizing unnecessary waste by frugal use of garbage bags, cleaning supplies and chemicals.
  7. Cross-contamination is prevented and controlled.
  8. Safety and health is promoted by creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier enviroment for everybody.
  9. Recycling of waste products is promoted and maintained.

BG Green aims to provide environmentally friendly cleaning services by using eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning products combined with green cleaning techniques to preserve human health and environmental quality.

BG Cleaning Systems customizes its green cleaning program according to the purpose of the client's facility, the activities that take place in and around it, and the goals/ benefits the client expects out of it.

BG Cleaning Systems ensures a cleaner and healthier future for you through BG Green.