Why Green Cleaning

BG Cleaning Systems offers its Green Cleaning Services to companies and institutions.

BG Green is a professional and personalized service which provides regular cleaning and general cleaning tasks. Professionalism is our main guideline. BG Cleaning Systems approaches each cleaning task with a positive outlook.

BG Green Cleaning aims to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for you without harming the environment.

Our services meet the quality requirements of our customers. Each cleaning program is done in collaboration with our clients. Both our clients and our professional cleaning staff are educated and oriented regarding the approved cleaning program.

BG Cleaning Systems uses eco-friendly cleaning products, supplies and equipments in conjunction with our green cleaning methods in order to maintain an environmentally friendly cleaning program and attain the desired outcome.

BG Cleaning Systems employees go through an intensive training. All of BG's professional cleaning staff receive the same training and instructions worldwide on the proper methods in BG Green Cleaning.

To us at BG, there are no problems. There are only Solutions.